Brewhouse and Kitchen Poole

Since our first site for Brewhouse and Kitchen in Dorchester, Morgan Signs are pleased to have the opportunity to develop the signage further as their company expands.

We recently completed a site in Poole, where careful measures was taken on this listed building to ensure the brand was still prominant but complimented the surrounding area.  Most of the signs were sign-wriiten by our sign-writer and look fantastic!

Poole entrance front view sign written display sign written ghost sign DSCF1700


A wall mural dedicated to Poole is currently being developed for the side elevation to make the building more unique.


Morgans Churn Out A Winning Pictorial Sign


Milk Churn

The Milk Churn in Melksham has been voted Sign of the Year by the Inn Sign Society.   Designed in-house at Morgan Sign and hand painted by our signwriter. The sign reflects the town’s dairy farming heritage and shows a sign painter decorating a milk churn.  A Spitfire in the background as the pub is opposite the former RAF base.

Pictorials for Phil Taylor

The Inn Sign Society is made up of over 300 members who travel nationwide seeking out traditional signs, the Milk Churn was nominated by Inn Sign Society member Angela Panrucker.  The society also recognised that the Pub, part of the Hall & Woodhouse , only opened 2 years ago.



Childrens Pirate Ship for Haven Site

Sometimes at Morgan Signs we get unusual request from our clients that we try to accommodate. This particular project was something we had never been asked to do before and with a very tight deadline it seemed impossible to create.

The brief was to create multipule  bric ‘ a’ brac items including a 3D effect pirate ship for a Haven site by the sea. This was to be positioned in a children’s sandpit so needed to strong and robust and with-stand weathering.

We produced the ship out of numerous pieces of foamex and constructed together in layers to create a 3d effect, then vinyls and paint was used for detail to enhance the look of the ship and make it more appealing for the children.


ship-01-01 ship-01-01-01