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Client: Hall & Woodhouse

The Grasshopper at Poole is a flagship site for Hall & Woodhouse and has recently undergone a £1.2 million refurbishment both internally and externally.

The double gallows pictorial sign was to be a real show piece of the project. We designed an impressive 3D grasshopper complete with oversized grass blades and bulrushes to create a big impact at the restaurant entrance. The model was produced in signrock with a detailed hand sprayed finish.

The overall building had a fresh new colour scheme with signwritten signage. The signwriting was a combination of the new Hall & Woodhouse corporate typeface and logos, with a replica of an original wall patch that was on the building when it was known as the 'Half Way House'.


The project also included two bespoke murals. One in the style of a 'you are here' map, showing all the Hall & Woodhouse sites in Dorset. The other was a country scene incorporating quirky facts about the animals to show the Brewery's humorous side!

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