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Client: Hall & Woodhouse

H&W Wichelstowe was a fantastic and challenging project for Morgan Signs and Design, which proudly led us to win the 2019 BSGA Craftsman Award.


The impressive building was designed by Mackenzie Wheeler Architects on the banks of the Wiltshire and Berkshire canal. A full size narrow boat was commissioned to create a feature and focal point upon arrival. By intersecting the building, guests have the experience of “climbing aboard” the boat to relax and dine inside. Morgan Signs invested almost 100 hours designing the bespoke artwork for the narrowboat, which we then hand illustrated and signwrote. The detailed artwork gave references to characters from Wind in the Willows, traditional roses and castles designs and a nod to all those who worked on the full project, by signwriting the teams initials on the bow and stern.


Externally we designed a set of 2m high CorTen fabricated letters, which were given an aged and weathered appearance. These letters were fitted against a signwritten ghost wall patch amongst hemp rope and block and tackle, as a nod to the boat building past that was present over a hundred years ago in that area.


The iconic H&W traditional double gallows were designed to reflect the waterways location, incorporating a roses and castles theme and the main cross beam resembling a balance beam, which one would push against to open the locks.  


We also produced three sets of impactful 1.5m high fabricated H&W letters. The letters internally illuminated green to badge the building from the canal and road side, which at night can be seen from the M4 some several miles away!

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