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Client: M&B

The Masons Arms in Solihull is a Grade II listed building and so we had to develop a sensitive signage scheme in keeping with the architecture.

The house name and amenity wording were sign written directly to the building, with the existing 3D coat of arms pictorial sign, delicately refurbished with a hand painted finish.

The external signage was kept very traditional, however with the internal signage we were able to be more playful. We produced built up galvanised steel letters with a red halo for the back bar. In the restaurant area we installed a whimsical 'FOOD' sign. This incorporated rust finish built up letters for the 'F' and 'D', complete with a full sized old fashioned bicycle, using the tyres to make the letter 'O' in food.

We were also asked to create a 'local story' wall mural showing the heritage of Solihull. We designed a bespoke piece of artwork, referencing the local industry, history and architecture.

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